Fairfield City Council Pound

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Renbury Farm Animal Shelter - 406 Bringelly Road
Austral NSW 2179
One of the aims of the Companion Animals Act is to reduce the number of animals that are put down each year because they cannot be returned to their owners. For this reason, the Act requires registration and permanent identification by microchip of all dogs and cats that were born or change owners after 1 July 1999. See Registration and Microchipping.

If your animal is found lost or straying by a member of the public, the person that finds the animal has an obligation to either return it directly to you if you can be identified, or take it promptly to a council pound. Failure to do so is an offence with a maximum penalty of $2,200.

If your animal is taken to a council pound it will be scanned to determine whether it is microchipped. If it is microchipped, Council will then contact the Companion Animals Register to find your contact details and will then make every attempt to reunite you with your pet.

You should always keep your details on the Companion Animals Register up to date to ensure that you can be contacted if your animal is impounded. If Council cannot contact you, your animal may be unnecessarily sold or put down.

Your microchipped cat or dog will be held in a council pound for a minimum of 14 days, before being sold or put down if you do not claim it. Cats and dogs that are not microchipped or do not have any other form of identification may only be held for seven days.

In the interests of being quickly reunited with your lost cat or dog, they should be microchipped and wear a collar with identifying tags.

See www.renbury.com.au to view all stray animals and get more information.

All dogs and cats impounded will not be released until they are microchipped and lifetime registered.