Clarence Valley Pound

Phone: (02) 6642 5689 (Grafton area) / (02) 6643 0200 (Maclean and Yamba)
Induna Street
South Grafton NSW 2460

If your pet is permanently identified by a microchip and is lost and arrives at Council's Animal Pound or is impounded by a Council Ranger it can be easily identified. Council will endeavour to contact you regarding your pet.

If your pet is not identified and goes missing you should contact Council's Rangers and notify them as soon as possible for the rangers to enable a safe return to you of your pet.

For missing pets the Animal Pound in South Grafton can be contacted on (02) 6642 5689 for enquiries for animals missing in the Grafton area or call (02) 6643 0200 for animals missing in the Lower Clarence around Maclean and Yamba.