City of South Perth Dog Pound

Phone: (08) 9474 0777 / (08) 9474 1106
Corner of Hayman Rd and Thelma St
South Perth WA 6151

Dog Pound

The dog pound is located on the corner of Hayman Rd and Thelma St.

If your dog strays, you should contact the City Rangers on 9474 0777 in the first instance. If you believe your dog has been impounded, contact the pound on 9474 1106. The pound is open from 11.30–12.30pm, seven days a week, except Christmas Day and Good Friday.

If your dog has been impounded you are required to pay an impound fee of $88 prior to the dog being released. If the dog has been at the pound for more than two days, you also need to pay a daily sustenance fee of $22 for the upkeep of the dog.